Pittie Puffs

Our Family

When Mike and I moved to the suburbs of Philadelphia, and bought a house, we knew that we wanted to adopt a dog since we didn't have children.  The search began and we fell in love with our Blondie.  We traveled to Kent County, Delaware to bring Blondie home. Her and her siblings were left in a cardboard box over night in front of the SPCA, in Kent County.  They were only a couple of weeks old.  Thank goodness they all lived and were fostered by one of the men that worked at the SPCA.  Mike and I fell in love with her photo, and knew she was the one.  When we went to pick her up, we were told that she was a shepard and a lab mix and would only get to be 40lbs.  Five years and 100 lbs later, we found out that she was a shepard and pitbull mix.  What did that mean for us?

When Blondie was two years old, Mike and I thought she needed a friend.  Now knowing her breed, kinda, we searched for a male pitbull puppy.  I found Junior on the http://pinupsforpitbulls.org and knew he was the one. Like Blondie he and his sisters were given up, but the owner was ill and couldn't take care of all the puppies.  Junior and his sisters went to Sweet Bark Pitbull Rescue.  It was great that we decided he was the one, but we really knew it would be the "Diva" or "Queen" of the household, Blondie's final decision. 

Junior came to our house one rainy evening for a home visit.  He walked around the house like he belonged.  Blondie loved him from the start and began wrestling with each other.  Out of the blue, Junior helped himself to Blondie's dinner while she sat there and watch him.  I knew it was a match.  Blondie helped me raise Junior and in a way she is his Doggie Momma/sister.  And it made my life a little easier.